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Most REDCap questions can be answered based on the following FAQs.  Please go through the following FAQs before sending us any question.

Contact us

For all REDCap questions, please email
Phone: (312) 942-5498
The REDCap Support Team

For any other questions, please email

New Users


How can I set up a new external/collaborator REDCap account?

REDCap by default will allow any Rush employee with a valid Rush login ID and password to login into REDCap at

If you don’t currently have a Rush account and you are not a Rush employee then you will not be able to login to Rush REDCap. Please to use the following link to request a new account: REDCap User Account Request


How do I add a collaborator at another institution to my REDCap project at Rush?

Since the collaborator, an external user, is not a current Rush employee, this collaborator will not be able to login to Rush REDCap. He/She will need a new Rush account. Please see question 1 above to request for a new collaborator account.


The collaborator expressed concern about providing a 4 security digits such as his/her SSN and their DOB. Is this information necessary to create a Rush login?

Per RUSH IS policy, all new accounts need to provide a 4 digit security number, which can be their last 4 digits of the SSN or any number they refer as long as they can remember it.  These four security digits will be asked by Rush IS Help Desk to authenticate the user if the user needs to reset their password.


I forgot my Rush user name and password. How can I reset it?

If you can’t login to REDCap, please change your password at the following link: Reset My Password. Per Rush IS policy, any Rush account without any activities within a six months period will be automatically disabled. Please do not contact REDCap support team to reset user passwords. If user can’t still reset their password using the link above, please call Rush IS help desk at (312) 942.4357 or email IS Help desk at


Basic User Management


How can I gain access to an existing project in REDCap?

It is the responsiblity of the project owner in REDCap, in many cases it is the data manager, or the PI of the project in REDCap to grant their collaborators access to their projects in REDCap. There are two steps involved in gaining access to a project in REDCap:

  1. If the user has never logged into REDCap before, please login REDCap with your Rush Login ID. If you don’t have a Rush account yet, please request a new Rush account.


  2. Once the user has successfully logged into REDCap, please inform the owner of the project in REDCap that you have successfully logged into REDCap so he/she can find you in the list of the users and add you to the project.


How do I add / remove a user from my existing project?

Click on the project name —> click the Project Home tab —> click the User Rights button under quick tasks —> click the username —> Edit user privileges —> Add/ remove the user.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Mobile Devices


Does REDCap work on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones?

Yes! REDCap is entirely web-based; you can access it from any browser, anywhere at any time.

No separate app, download, or software installation is needed. The view will automatically be optimized for whatever device is being used.

REDCap is compatible with (and can be used on) desktop computers, laptops, tablets (including iPads), smart phones (both Android and Apple), and any other device having an internet connection. There are no specific requirements to run REDCap on any of these devices and no known compatibility issues.

On most tablets, the default view is the same as a desktop computer. All features are available.

On most phones, the default view is REDCap Mobile - a view focusing on data entry. Not all features are available in this view. Any time you are on a smart phone, you can switch to desktop view at any time to get the full use of REDCap.




Where can I find training for REDCap?

General REDCap training videos are available within REDCap itself.

You can access the training video at the following link:

REDCap User Office Hours:
The REDCap Support Team holds two Webex office hours sessions per week.  One is on Tuesday between 10AM -12PM and the other on Thursday between 10AM-12PM.  Users having any questions regarding REDCap or just interested in listening to what other users are experiencing, are welcome to join.  Please send a request to so the team can register and send you the Webex information for the session. 



Is REDCap HIPAA compliant?

The short answer is: Yes, you can possibly use any project(s) in the RUSH REDCap instance as the database part of your study in order to adhere to Part 11 compliance. However, you will need to implement additional necessary procedures yourself in order to become fully compliant.

The long answer is: REDCap is definitely capable of compliance with just about any standard – for example, HIPAA, Part-11, and FISMA standards (low, moderate, or high). Each of those standards has been used across various consortium sites, as well as other standards (including similar international regulations, like GDPR).

REDCap is server software. Be mindful that no software alone is truly compliant with any standard. It is the environment into which software is installed that can be called compliant.

CFR Part 11 compliance requires compliance on two fronts: (i) the RUSH REDCap side, which includes REDCap and (ii) the user side, which is outside the purview of the RUSH REDCap.

The RUSH REDCap has provided a secure environment for REDCap instances, which are frequently upgraded and backed up daily to a secure site. Login accounts to these instances are provided and monitored by RUSH IS personnel. Logins are provided to REDCap collaborator/ partner institutions and organizations affiliated with the RUSH or its partner institutions. All new external partner, collaborator, data monitor will need to accept the RUSH REDCap End-User Agreement with a Rush Sponsor before an account can be created. In addition, the PI/owner for the project in REDCap will also be responsible for setting up the appropriate user rights and expiration for each user in his/her project.

Details about the general REDCap security features that may support Part 11 compliance can be found in the “About REDCap” document released by Vanderbilt University. In addition, Rush REDCap procedures are in compliance with the RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER ’s Information Services (IS) security requirements and are described in the current version of “ITHS REDCap Security.




What is the suggested REDCap language for Publication?

REDCap requests that the following language be used in publications that used REDCap for data collection and management:

Study data were collected and managed using REDCap electronic data capture tools hosted at Rush University Medical Center.1,2 REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based software platform designed to support data capture for research studies, providing 1) an intuitive interface for validated data capture; 2) audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures; 3) automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages; and 4) procedures for data integration and interoperability with external sources.

1PA Harris, R Taylor, R Thielke, J Payne, N Gonzalez, JG. Conde, Research electronic data capture (REDCap) – A metadata-driven methodology and workflow process for providing translational research informatics support, J Biomed Inform. 2009 Apr;42(2):377-81.

2PA Harris, R Taylor, BL Minor, V Elliott, M Fernandez, L O’Neal, L McLeod, G Delacqua, F Delacqua, J Kirby, SN Duda, REDCap Consortium, The REDCap consortium: Building an international community of software partners, J Biomed Inform. 2019 May 9 [doi: 10.1016/j.jbi.2019.103208]


For questions, please contact:

Crista Brawley, PhD, CCRP
AVP, Res Reg Ops

Other common questions:


How do I request an REDCap API Token?

REDCap API tokens are granted on a case by case basis. Please go to our FAQs to request a REDCap API token. User will need to accept our “REDCap End User Agreement” before an API token is issued. Please complete the following steps to request an API token:

  1. Log into REDCap > Applications Menu > Submit the API token request
  2. Fill out the REDCap API Token Request.


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